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Enhance your ability to relax with these crystal energies and nature’s own essential oils.


This kit has 1 of each:

Relaxation Essential Oil Blend

Amethyst Raw

Watermelon Calcite Raw 

Black Obsidian Polished

Pink Botswana Agate Polished


Polished Black Obsidian is a fantastic stone to help you connect to mother earth, its very grounding and also very protective. It shields you against energy that do not serve you as well as helping you release resentment fear and anger. When relaxing it will connect you to the earth’s deep calming energy and protect you.


Amethyst Is a calming stone that also clears the emotions and thoughts. Its soothing yet motivating and is great for stress relief. It is also spiritually protective, allowing clearer connections and dissolving unnerving energy. It is lovely for rest and relaxation as it clears while calming.


Watermelon Calcite are colours that lift and delight the senses. It’s a crystal of balance and uplifting and brings joy and harmony to the energetic self. All calcites clean out and purify energy. They also connect the intellect with the emotions and calms the mind. This calcite brings peace and harmony.


Pink Botswana agate is supportive during transitions, creating a smooth path and is comforting and protective when processing deep hurts and grieving. It is a heart stone and helps with what’s needed to come from a heart space. It’s very comforting and supportive during rest states, working while you relax.

Relaxation -Kit

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