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It's time for a session if:

  • You are re-looping through the same emotions, frustrations or experiences

  • You feel overwhelmed or fatigue on a regular basis & struggle to think straight

  • You know there's more to life but you don't know where to start exploring this

  • You feel a disconnect with yourself and want to find that sense of self again

  • You have the desire to learn more about yourself and deepen your self-awareness

  • You feel stuck in a rut with no idea how to get out of it

  • You do the work on yourself but it doesn't change enough

  • You need a safe space to speak aloud and clear your head, heart and soul

  • You are exploring spirituality and/or deeper aspects of yourself and you would like some guidance


Crystal energy healing is a type of energy medicine in which crystals are placed on and around the body to realign, balance or harmonise your energy on a physical, emotional &/or spiritual level.  Each crystal holds its own energy frequency which works uniquely with you. Sound baths work on the same principle, each bowl has its own frequency which by the process of entrainment brings your frequencies into harmonious alignment. It's a therapeutic and relaxing form of self-care.

Intuitive life coaching means I use life coaching skills, life experiences and my intuition to guide you, challenge you and open you up to other possibilities. This is very individual, there is no one-size-fits-all approach as we are all complex unique beings. Thought energy can hold us in repeating patterns that do not serve us, which is why I combine coaching with healing.  I create space to offload thoughts and feelings that no longer need to be carried as they are, I teach techniques you can use to work with these layers of self that are presenting to you and I help you understand these challenges/processes.

A session involves time to Coach followed by the Crystal and Vibrational Frequency Energy Healing.

 You can choose how your time is split between these two aspects.

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