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We don’t know what we don’t know...

.... OMG this is my most favourite saying ever, it pertains to every situation and learning experience I’ve ever been involved in. It's the magical aspect of never being a absolute expert and serves to keep our knowledge limitless. When we align with something 'we know' it becomes one of our truth's, the more supported we think it is the more true to us it becomes and the more important it feels. As I write my mini course ‘The Truth AboutTruth’ I have become aware that understanding truth is more imperative now than it ever has been but in a way that may surprise you.

Right now all around the world truth is in full focus, truth is polarising people either by a deep need to state and back up their truth or by a deep need to find what is true. Right now there are so many arguments about what is true and what is not true as opinions and discussions are bandied about in the news, on social media and of course in person. In response to these 'discussions' there appears to be a trend to have only 1 truth right now that all must willingly adhere to and to support this 1 truth there happens to be a wonderful term ‘conspiracy theorist’ thrown about all willy nilly like to describe anyone who isn’t following the chosen truth, the narrative. Its really quite befuddling to get my head around 1 truth, in my entire life I have never known anything to have only 1 truth, there is always another perspective, another question to ask or another viewpoint to see things from. To choose 1 truth means to create immense limitations surrounding that 1 truth.

It can be as draining as it is interesting to watch this all unfold, I can feel the energy of people being tapped out defending their position (any position), I can feel the drain of people being shut down if they dare think something outside the narrative and I can feel the oppression of people being told exactly how to think as if we are all soldiers lined up to salute. It has had an impact on me personally too, which I really only became aware of last night, you see my social media posts lately have only been about my shop but my world is not only about my shop, I am a crystal energy healer, a course writer and I have a lot to say but I am not saying it. I have realised that I am holding back and it is from a deep dread of being judged and a pure dislike of being boxed into something I am not. Right now anyone that has any opinion that isn't exactly in line with the narrative is fully judged, you are either in or completely out, but I am not fully in nor completely out, I have questions and understanding of many views related to Covid-19 within the narrative and outside it.

I haven't lost my marbles but my gut tells me there are questions to be asked and I've seen real true facts and documents that support the need to ask questions. But back to me, see some time ago I came out of my closet to declare to the world I am a crystal energy healer and with that came some judgement and the need for me to undo my reaction to negative social stigma in order to be true to me. And here I am now effectively hiding behind my very gorgeous online crystal shop so as not to put my head on the chopping block in the public forum just because I have some views that aren't in the narrative or may just make me stand out a bit. Well not any more, I will and I am working on this effective immediately so lets get back to talking about truth.

The thing about truth is that it differs, that many variables make something true, that each person holds a unique view of that truth that makes the details shift and change somewhat for each of us. And in a nut shell the truth about truth is that it is your truth, it is based on your perspective, your experiences, your education, your ability to question and think, your insight, your personality, basically your everything will assist in you forming your truths with the information you have received. So your truth is very multi layered already, and with this layered approach we form these truths based on information we currently know yet there is so much more we don’t know that is actually out there and then there is all of the stuff that we don’t know we don’t know as that information is not uncovered yet. My point is to understand that truth is heavily influenced by you, by who you are and what you know and that it would change as new information comes to hand and new experience and perspective is gained. To me truth is empowering until it is polarising.

Back to the current flow in our world right now where people are belittling each other, arguing with each other, name calling and blatant bullying in order to support their current truth, an example - a popular TV presenter said last week that they were sick of hearing that there are 2 sides to every story and then emphatically announced that in fact there are not 2 sides (yes thats correct as there are not 2 sides) but there is only 1 side to this story (um incorrect as there are many many sides to this and every story ever lived). For me this set off a few alarm bells in my head, why would a journalist take this stance surely a journalists core being is of that to question and to find out more, surely a journalist has a deeper insight and a broader world view. And then theres the expert argument, anyone with a differing view is belittled into being an armchair expert apparently or a conspiracy theorist (which is supposedly an evil or crazy thing to be???), yet I have seen much credible footage, articles, research studies and statistics from actual experts that are providing a whole array of information and sharing experiences but are worryingly hushed. This is an evolving situation with so many variables in each country and population that the truth cannot be fixed it is in fact being created each day. We should be able to hear it all if we choose to, sharing the experiences as they are occurring, allow for the evolvement of knowledge and information and the ability to change your view - your truth.

We need truth, we align with truth and it shapes us in decisions we make, how we grow as a person, it creates unity with others and clarity and understanding. What we don’t need is to become polarised in any truth, if you find your self wanting to drive a stake into the ground and start declaring your truth to all that will listen then fight fiercely with those who don’t agree then you have become polarised. When we are polarised we become fixated, we shut down our spider senses and we begin to limit our thinking. We also get defensive and easily offended and we can lose so much energy and wellbeing in fighting a polarised view. My advice is to go with what sits right for you, what makes most sense and be prepared to change that with new knowledge (or maybe not), but definitely don’t judge or belittle others who don’t think the same, everything is on a continuum with ends that are extreme polar opposite but there is a whole middle section that is so multilayered its beyond description, all of us sit somewhere on that continuum, theres no one answer approach that fits with everyone in this world, humans are too delightfully complex for that.

Oh and remember so many of the greatest inventions, discoveries and breakthroughs were made by people pushing against the narrative singularly or as a group, so many of them were persecuted and only revered 10's -100's of years later, ahead of their time they say! They were silenced and ridiculed at the time but hindsight showed something very different. Do we really want to judge and persecute now in 2020 or could we choose discussion, having differences of opinion and allow for the sharing of knowledge and information so we may get to choose wether we alter our personal truth or not. AND We really don’t know what we don’t know so keep some space free for this knowledge to arrive as anything is possible.



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