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My 2 Main Mantras

I really want to share 2 core mantras that have been with me for some time, I have found myself sharing these often over the years and using them alot of the time in my parenting. They have been so highlighted to me now because I have become acutely aware of how much I have needed to use them during the entirety of my Covid-19 experiences thus far.

For me the main theme of my experiences has been that of openness, allowing, trust in the universe and very very grateful for all I have, for the time and space gifted and for the earth and the people on it to be able to take a deep breath so to speak (even though the irony of covid taking the breath away is not lost on me). I really feel as though this has been a time to stop - look - feel - breathe and really take stock on every level wether that is a pleasant or unpleasant experience.

What I have found though is that even with such a calm and grateful approach I have felt many of the energies around me and I have read posts on FB and I have watched the news and I have been responding to it all in some way or another. Mostly from a point of interest and observation and caring but occasionally from a point of anger or wtf or incredulousness or despair and every time this has happened of course it has impacted me. For me this has meant either feeling drained or carrying an emotion that isn't mine that feels yuck, even though I get to choose what I observe or what I soak up sometimes you just get drawn in or feel it anyway. So hence I am bringing out the mantra's often and with awareness of really needing them because I do not want to carry something that feels yuck or isn't mine to carry.

So what are they -

1. Does this serve me?

2. What can I control?

To better explain them I have created this short video:

This is a simple approach but dont mistake that for oversimplifying the realness of what's going on for each and everyone of you, instead it is meant to show that you have some level of control each and every moment even when you feel like it is all happening to you. You can choose a response that doesn't create you angst or harm, you really do have a choice and when it feels to hard to be proactive just park it till you can, the key is not to embed yourself in the energies that are not working for you especially when you have little to no control over what is happening. Its important to understand that when you are immersing yourself in a mind-frame/heart-space that feels awful it will impact your wellness.

I really hope your experiences are bringing some forms of peace, creating some space to think & be and that you are as well and happy as you can be.

Take care

Love and strength


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