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Inspiration for the Move to Level 2

I'm excited to say we have a guest blogger this month, so without further ado I'll introduce you to Maria McDonald.

Maria is an Intuitive Guide and Healer, she is also a Criminologist, Cross Cultural Psychologist, Consultant and Freelance Writer. Enjoy the read.

8 things we can do to heal from covid lockdown

As we step out from covid lockdown, it's timely to pause and think about exactly what the slowing down has meant for us, and what we want ahead. And eight things we can all do to heal our way forward. By Maria McDonald

I know for some in essential services life has been frantic and crazy and I really hope a break comes for you soon, as I appreciate the great service you have given. I have had the luxury of not commuting to work, not running children around, managing play dates, sport, shopping and ‘busyness’.

When I look back now I find it all a bit silly. I think about the time I spent filling my time up. For what good reason? No answer to that.

So what has changed since being in lockdown?

When lockdown started I had full intention to find meaning out of this. To gain some value, or magical success. I needed there to be a silver lining other than just the noble purpose of ‘staying home saves lives’. Something positive for me and my bubble buddies. Very kumbaya and Pollyanna of me.

It is true that during lockdown a lot of environmental replenishing took place. There is no doubting the planet has benefitted from less cars on the roads and I’ve noticed the most amazing bird life on my many walks. So I’m thankful for this and I hope this gain isn’t lost.

For me, I spent time thinking about my why, my what and how. Because when else do we get such an opportunity to go within, and really have time to connect with ourselves and to transform. For those of us who are highly tuned to the intuitive end of the continuum, this time has been gold. But let’s also be honest. Self reflection is gruelling and confronting. With nowhere to go and nowhere to hide, you have no option but to sit with yourself and the discomfort around the not so perfect things. The things that you have no choice but to see looking in the mirror during lockdown… the stuff that’s been hidden in that chest, or which you’ve been able to ignore because of your ‘busyness’.

For some this self reflection has been worked through, and they will emerge stronger and more triumphant from the lockdown. The relaxation and slower pace has been hugely healing for lots of people.

But others now have an unravelled and seething pile of personal challenges exposed. The lockdown like a pressure cooker of financial stresses, business closures, health and wellbeing worries, relationship flareups, addiction issues and parenting challenges. These have been hugely amplified in a confined environment. While it is likely these were always a problem, the lockdown has exacerbated or brought these things to light, and confinement has been downright difficult and dangerous.

This is the dark side of our lockdown which we can’t turn a blind eye to. People need healing now more than ever before. No one left behind. If we are to emerge from lockdown with the awareness to create a better new-normal, then we must go forward together. We must make sure that we are caring for all, and healing all, and going forward from a well place. And I dont mean covid-well. I mean holistically well. Healed and ready to succeed in 2020.

So what can we do? The healers among us need to get busy. Never have we been more needed than now. But we are all in this and there are things we all can and should do. 1. Pay it forward. See what you can do to help others – offer it, or do it. Do it with the truest sense of giving and charity, with no expectation in return. 2. Don’t judge. There but for the grace of Go go you or I. Kindness wins, judgement destroys. 3. Have heart. Make heart based choices and have positive intentions in all you do. 4. Keep it local. Support your neighbour, your local businesses and spread the word. Grass roots. Help our communities thrive again. 5. Think collectively. Consider how things can be done to raise the strengths of a whole, not just choices for individuals. Be an enabler and bring others along, not competing to win. If we collaborate and focus on strengths and connections, we will succeed together. 6. Keep an abundance mindset. There is plenty to go around. If we build forward from a place of fear and a belief that resources are scarce, then guess what, that is what we will get. 7. Choose happy. Choose nature. Do daily small things that give us joy. And get out to enjoy what nature provides us with. Watch that sunset, listen to the birds, grow those flowers or that lettuce. Laugh at the kids having a water fight. Daily bliss, daily ritual. Write it down, focus on it, capture it, count it. Chase it. 8. Lastly, be honest with yourself. If things aren’t great, be honest about that. Reach out, talk to a friend or family member, talk to your doctor or contact the various support services. Now is the time to work things through and heal. Now is the time to have a great life and be your best. Lots of us have been there done that. No shame, only courage and strength and my full respect. Because you are awesome, you deserve it, and it will be ok. What happens next is up to us. Together. No one left behind. We can do this. We got this.

Maria McDonald

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