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Divine Timing

Most people I know believe in divine timing on one level or another. Most conversations I've had with others have shown there's a deep calm and knowing of this concept running alongside an equally deep frustration or exasperation at having to wait for such timing. Divine timing is something I choose to believe in, and at a conscious enough level that it is a regular thought I have or comment I make. So what is divine timing? - its a concept that everything happens in your life at precisely the right moment that it is meant to. Of course it can be considered a little deeper than that but I like to keep things simple.

I choose to believe in it mostly based on observation, from childhood I've been an unintentional observer, I see details many others don't, I pick up on energy's, interactions, conversations and as much as I can see it on a detailed level I also see a much bigger picture, literally at the same time. Its through these observations of my own life, my families lives and friends and colleagues that I have seen the regular patterns of divine timing unfolding, I see it play out around me all the time. When it sets in place, when its that moment that makes you say OMG everything has been leading up to this, I can see it now, it all makes sense and maybe you say about time! Those moments are bliss (I love the word bliss) and somehow in those moments we are usually met with a deep feeling of it was all worth it - well at least most of it...

What about the frustrating exasperating times, when you know its gonna happen when its meant to and not a moment before because things are still lining up and you are meant to trust that fully, yet you want to fist waggle as you stare out to the universe muttering (or yelling..) something about how you are ready now or this is too hard or what the heck are you playing at!!!!! There have been quite a few of those for me over the last few years and I do sometimes yell or cry while struggling to see the point of pushing on and scrambling to find any sign around me to show that I am on the right track. Well today I am here writing about this because I want to share with you, not because everything is working out perfectly (hahaha I'm laughing so hard I cant breathe) but because I have just been through a stage of AHA moments, many small, some big but all very clear that it has been all about timing, about the divinity that when something is meant to be it will have more ease, it will even present itself to you with encouragement or reminders, it may even fall into place like clockwork.

However it is for you take those deep breathes and deep down know that timing influences everything and in the process of timing doing its thing we really must be kind, forgiving, understanding and loving with ourselves. They say its mostly about the journey, about the getting there, being in the moment, well for me it is in the journey that I have learnt what I need to know to get to where I am today and as slow or hard as it has been at times I look back now and know it is how it was meant to be.


Jenny xx

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