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We are all on a journey..... hmmm

We are all on a journey..... well that may sound a little cheesy if the word journey grates you a little (just cos it can sound a little corny), but you know what today I can't think of a better word because I am here thinking about how literally from birth until death we are writing our stories in between and a journey is a pretty good description of that process. So back to the top yes we are all on a journey!, sometimes we are so aware of it its almost exquisitely exciting but often times we are simply going through the motions, doing the days and weeks as they present and almost unaware of the time and changes that are passing by. Then boom something will get us to stop and reflect on whats been in a way that we can clearly see parts of the stories we are writing, often describing what has led us to this point in our live's. For me when I reflect I'd say I've had large chunks of time of 'seemingly' not much change, and for me this has been required to be in order for me to get to a point in time where change is obviously happening. Like for example my late 20's and early 30's where I had some fabulous years living in Bermuda, it was a whirlwind of fun, bright colours, sandy beaches, a lot of sushi and rum swizzles, and funnily on reflection I actually evolved so much over that time yet it wasn't a boom moment. Following that there were some important years reconnecting to NZ, meeting my life partner and having my amazing daughter. These big life happenings are moments of immense change but of which you are so involved, you don't register the true impacts on who you are until you can reflect after the fact.

WELL right now I am very much aware of how much change and evolvement is going on for me, not in the way that I am a different person, in fact the me thats been around for forever is definitely not going anywhere lol, I am just adding layers to that me, layers that I now realise I always knew were coming, as they are adding to my older belief systems and perspectives and rather than changing them dramatically, its more like shifts forward. The challenges I am facing right now are keeping fluid with these changes, not getting fixed on anything as I know there is so much more to come. Being gentle with loved ones as I want them to know I am still the same me just with a few more layers and passions. And the biggie is believing in myself, not getting frustrated in the lulls, understanding that timing is everything and all will come when its meant to, this can be harder than I thought it would.

There are reasons I am sharing this with you, of course because I hope some of you relate to what I am saying, and I actually love writing like this (hard to believe with the lack of blog posts I know - haha).

I think the main reason today is to remind you that however you see the world, whatever your perspectives and views are, whatever is happening for you, you are right now continuing to write your story, writing the words and chapters to your very own journey in life. Its not important that you are aware of it at all times, in fact its pretty important getting on with being our fabulous functional human day to day selves. Just every now and then take a moment to reflect on who you are, whats new about you and how you have got to be this version of you so far. Theres wisdom in your story no matter how the chapters were written, and that wisdom can serve you well and maybe those around you too.

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