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An Inspiring Life?

This is my first blog writing moment, I have thought about it often and found many reasons why not to blog, like who wants to hear what I have to say, people I know will laugh, I'll do it later, have I enough to share and the list goes on. The mind can create so many reasons not to do something and even at the wise-ish age of the late 40's you would think I'd know better than to listen to that old record. Well the thing is I do know better and have known better for some time, I have helped many others to know better too so the time has come to get over whatever it is that has stopped me, so here I am.

Transition Coach

I am Jen or Jenny, I have a great family at home and around NZ, I love a cup of tea, I have travelled and I have settled down, I believe in balance and in seeing the bigger picture - a broader world view, I struggle to simply categorise things because I don't think anything is simple enough to be categorised (although this sometimes clashes with my need to have things orderly and systemised). I am a registered nurse and I specialised in Neonatal Intensive Care with a great 25 year career in that specialty and now I am a Transition Coach setting up my own business where I aim to help many people work on their emotional, thought and physical energy. See I believe everything has an energy and balancing energy is a part of the jigsaw puzzle of health and wellness. Transition coach is not a well known title and usually leaves people looking at me quizzically but I think more on that in the next blog, this blog is more a rambling about me.

Life Transitional Coach

I like the simpler things in life, though I can also manage to complicate it easily enough. Like I said above to me its so much about balance, yin and yang providing contrast so that we may grow and learn as we go and yet it is also so much about unconditional love and positivity. I think generally we know a lot about romantic love and love for family and friends, the earth, animals etc but I am not sure I have truly cracked the deeper sense of unconditional love though I am also sure I over think this and it is all around us readily there to understand and embrace. Lastly one of the things I feel most strongly about is that the person we need to love, understand and work on the most is ourselves, not in a selfish egocentric way but in a self worth/self love way, you see I think that when we get it right within ourselves on the simplest level then we radiate this out to all those around us who can only gain by have the better version of us around them.

What are your thoughts on my first blog post? Next one is going to breakdown what it is to me to be a transition coach...


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