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Shungite is an earthing crystal that’s full of a crystalline form of carbon healing molecules called fullerenes which are the most powerful antioxidants known to us. It is both protective and detoxifying and improves immune system function. The fullerenes in shungite act as an adaptogen at a cellular and whole body level, their antioxidant properties reduce the actions of free radicals, they have been shown to last longer and are stronger than many other antioxidants.

Other energy qualities are increasing mental clarity, harmonising energies and eliminating imbalances.


It protects the human bio field, it removes the unhealthy elements of electromagnetic waveforms such as EMF’s from cellphones & wifi. It has so many uses in the home including creating an energy shield by placing it in the corners of a room or of your entire home. A piece by your cell phone charging point and on or under your wifi box are important as they are direct sources of harmful waveforms. I also love a piece by my front door to cleanse energy at the entrance of my home. Spiritually its a tool of transformation that acts as a catalyst for growth and positive change. It’s a powerful grounding, centering and protective stone.

Shungite Budhish Rosary 108 Beads

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