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Medium size pieces of Black Shungite for water purification.


Step 1: Rinse the residue off the black shungite using only running water (no soap), you can rub or brush them while rinsing. 


IMPORTANT NOTE: (Prior to its first use some sites recommend boiling the shungite for 10 mins in an enamelled pot to further clean it. Shungiite store recommend using the top 2/3 of water to drink and discarding the bottom 1/3 after creating the first batch of shungite water) 


Step 2: To create shungite water use a glass or enamel jug and place 180 - 200gms of shungite into 1 litre of regular water. Leave to sit for 1 to 3 days before use.  Refill the container with fresh water as you use it. 


Some research suggests you can keep using the shungite stones indefinitely, Shungiite store recommend changing them every 6 mths.  It is recommended to clean them on a monthly basis with running water,  let them dry then use again.


Please do your own research to determine how you would like to proceed with creating your shungite water.


For research purposes I recommend Regina Martino who has been researching Shungite since 2016 and has written a comprehensive book on her findings.

Shungite for Water 💦 500gm

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