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Well its been a while...

I'm sure many of you will relate to the concept of time disappearing before your very eyes, when things you planned never eventuated and yet amazingly things are still working out fine (or not but we can't rewind so don't sweat it). I know for sure some readers will say ah no not me, if I say I'm gonna do something it gets done, I know this really does exist because my partner is one of them, one of the doers, whereas I've often been one of the gonna's.

So what have I been 'gonna do', well this blog of course... yet its been a very very long time since my last one. This is crazy as I always have so much to say you'd think you'd never get me off of here. Well the blog plans have slipped so much I have detached from my sequences and plans, so I need to start afresh. So today is just about getting back on the bike, back to sharing bits of me and opening the creative channels so this blog can be picked up and dusted off.

If the blog hasn't happened it definitely doesn't mean nothings been happening over the last months. Aside from the usual tracking around NZ with my family attending car race meetings (my partner races and its heaps of fun, we are near the end of season now) and being the best mum I know how (sometimes it gets a bit shabby but I do try). I have also certified as a crystal healer, and I've enjoyed my 1:1 crystal therapies and coaching practice since then.

I have gone next level with crystals, having been introduced to some unique super high vibration ones which have now joined my healing tool box, I have also been working on my own energy fields with some magical heart spaced healers in my community. And I am constantly expanding my understanding and knowledge with energy healing and wellness which means there will be new offerings and some changes to current offerings. I am also working hard and well on my online course that promotes self awareness and understanding, but more on that when its near launch.

Everything happens when and how it's meant to happen. I believe in allowing, that the shifts and moves in what's happening vs what was planned are part of evolving, I think that there is no finish line or final tick box, I believe when we get stuck in a thought pattern we stop moving and we stop allowing so I believe in evolvement on every level and I encourage change in my life when it is meant to be even if it is disruptive.

I have never felt more sure that now is the time to keep sharing what I have to offer this world so communications will be more regular from me including this blog. Though I'll always stick to my vow to never clog an inbox for as long as I shall type.

Thanks for reading

Jenny x

Jenny Gower

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