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What on earth is a Transition Coach?

Ah the question a lot of people ask me, usually with a quizzical brow to match, what are you doing these days of course then closely followed by "What is a Transition Coach?" The bit I genuinely love is how many people start to answer with their best guess as to what it might mean, these best guesses are always related to what current life transition the person is in, which is why it is so interesting. Google dictionary kindly defines transition as "the process or period of changing from one state or condition to another" and that to me is as close enough to a definition as I like to get. You see I don't have a specific explanation for what a transition coach is and this is primarily because needing guidance or support during a transitional phase in life means something different for everybody.

Transition Coaching

So my best description is that I work to guide and support people through changes or challenges in their life and I do this by helping the person to create understanding of themselves and the world as they perceive it around them. I don't believe in one size fits all, we are to multilayered for that, too individual and really who am I to tell people how to be but I can help them find out how to focus on themselves in a way that helps them work out how to be their best self in their world.

I think though I may have to work on my initial response when asked the question as the best on the spot answer I come up with is "oh I help people work through life challenges, you know like life humps that come along" (I don't want to horrify or bore people with an over worded response so I over simplify).

Life and Transition Coaching

So how did this happen? what led to this being how I want to help others? It was in my early 30's that I clearly remember knowing I am meant to be doing something other than nursing that will contribute to making a difference for people, I can remember my sisters saying but you are making a difference, you're a neonatal nurse for crying out loud!, I just knew though that there was something else I just didn't know what. So yep here I am in my late 40's now and pursuing the dream, and yes I was exasperated many times looking up to the sky saying so what am I meant to be doing aargh?, but again and again I always had to come back to following my gut instinct that it will come and just knowing it is all about the right timing. Of course one of the best things about hindsight is that you can then see how it has all slotted together so far and what's been needed to shape the journey, as for whats coming well living in the moment is best, theres no need to hit fast forward because I know that this journey will evolve in an amazing way and its best to be present for all the ups and downs as they happen.

So I am off outside now to mow the lawns, a soggy mid winter task (but sunny day yay), and a great way to be thinking about the work I am doing and catching up on a bit of Lauren Hill for old times sake. Next Blog I'll share some more on how this path has shaped for me and some of those hindsights I've since recognised. Thanks for reading and leave any feedback on my FB post.

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