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Nature Nurture

 InPerson and Online Workshops on a variety of Crystal-related topics.

Learn about crystals, and how to use them personally and in your home.

Gain a real understanding of crystal healing and learn to tune into your own intuition when choosing.

Shop for crystals!

Beautiful pieces | Unusual pieces 

Jewellery | Boxed Sets

My point of difference is the way I choose crystals, I am very intuitive and the crystals are genuine, and always ethically sourced.

A therapy session is a combination of

Intuitive Life Coaching and an

Energy Healing session using Crystals, Sound Bowls, Tuning Forks and my Energy - 60 or 90 mins.

Tailored to you!

I'm a trained Coach and Crystal Healer.

Nature Reflecting on Crystal Glass

About Jenny Gower

I aspire to help create ease and magic in people's lives and to keep learning about & teaching how to be part of an uplifting, unassuming, heart-based energy in the world.

I work as an intuitive life coach, and an energy healer using crystals and sound baths, I teach workshops InPerson and Online and I have a crystal shop full of gorgeous crystals, some jewellery, crystal grid sets and crystal boxes for gifting.  

I love to teach and inspire others as they evolve in their life journey and I love to share my crystal knowledge.


 My passion is to reconnect people to their own identity, I teach how to shift from a life led by external influences to a life directed by your own unique blueprint. You hold the keys to your health and well-being, you have the ability to change anything about you and you have the wisdom to know how.  It's just a matter of knowing yourself well, trusting your intuition and learning the tools you need to create your happiness, all of which I can help you with.  

I am a Partner, a Mum and a homemaker, I love fresh air, feet on the ground, dreams in the stars; my family, my friends, laughter, people, me time, sushi and a good cup of tea xx (and a gazillion other things be fair lols).

Healing Stones
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What  My  Clients Say

Chrissy says - I wanted to reach out and share the wonderful Jenny Gower! If you are looking for guidance & support in life, business or the metaphysical then Jenny is definitely worth connecting with. She has this amazing ability to see, discuss and explain what the heart of the matter is as well as, the ability to feel all angles, perceptions and pictures without judgement from a much broader bigger picture perspective. Her wisdom hits home and you will resonate with much of her knowledge…she is a truly magical being! 

Kathryn says - I had an amazing healing from Jenny. From the moment I walked in the door I knew I was in good hands. I felt such a deep sense of calm and relaxation. Jenny's insights were spot on and so helpful to me. She is a gifted healer and would highly recommend to anyone. I have also purchased beautiful crystals from Jenny. I love the confidence I feel in the guidance that she offers and know I am buying crystals of good value.

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